Our impact

Since the Scandinavians for Life started, we have been involved in almost 15 water projects. About 4,000 people have now access to clean drinking water. The projects in Kenya, Sierra Leone and Uganda dominate geographically. Most of the projects have been to drill water wells in places that lack it. But we have also been involved in a project where a sand dam was built in Kenya. Most of our projects have been carried out through our partner The Water Project.

We have also assured that over hundreds of children have access to clean drinking water through the Straw, a filter that cleans contaminated water when water is sucked through it. A simple and ingenious method that can be used awaiting more permanent solutions to local water problems.

Over 4000 people served with clean drinking water

Supporting local water projects since 2015

Our focus is in Kenya, Sierra Leone and Uganda

Scandinavians for Life cooperates with the following organisations:

The Water Project
A Local Act for Peace

Vision of a world where everyone has access to safe drinking water

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